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​ This style broke free in the early 90s, leaving both German techno and hardcore behind. Trance is based on endless repetitions of short synthesizer samples throughout the track, with minimal rhythm changes and frequency synthesizer characteristics allowed in order to be able to distinguish between compositions. The effect of such music is that listeners are immersed in a state of trance, similar to religious.

​ Despite the decline in music interest in the mid-90s, trance came back again, but closer to the end of the century, displacing the house style from the world music arena, as the most popular style of alternative dance music.

​ It is supposed to assume that this style is the most beautiful and emotionally colored one in electronic music (due to what many call it “pop”), which, when listening to it, evokes a variety of emotions and associations – from the noise of the sea, planning in the air to space-astral flight. Trance is diverse, and every music lover will find something in this direction. Trance has become one of the most common by the end of the 20th century among all the electronic music styles in Western Europe.

​ Having passed the phase of mass triumph, the trance almost disappeared, having reborn nowadays in a completely new guise.

Genix – Como / UR1 [ANJ538D]

Genix – Como / UR1 Artist: Genix Title: Como / UR1 Genre: Progressive Trance, Trance Label: Anjunabeats Quality: 320 kbps Genix – Como (3:20) Genix – UR1 (3:15) Genix – Como (Extended Mix) (5:22) Genix – UR1 (Extended Mix)…

Gregory Esayan – My Guiding Star [SILKA030]

Gregory Esayan – My Guiding Star Artist: Gregory Esayan Title: My Guiding Star Genre: Electronica, Trance, Breaks, Deep House, Progressive House Label: Silk Music Quality: 320 kbps Gregory Esayan – Perfect Silence (Intro Mix)…