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Techno is the electronic music style, which originated in the mid-1980s in Detroit and its surroundings, being subsequently picked up by European producers. It is characterized by artificial sound, an emphasis on mechanical rhythms, structural music elements’ multiple repetitions. It is one of the main musical genres played on raves.

Techno in its classic form is clear rhythmic loops and multiple repetitions, verified bass lines, bits with a feeling of empty space between them, a minimum of melodies, atonal inclusions, and a smoothly changing sound pattern. Everything is too simple and even austere, but the masters of this stingy on emotions’ subgenre manage to create a special involving groove, which you want to turn again.

​ The basis of the style is the mechanical rhythm of drum machines, poor synth sound and effects. There is mostly direct rhythm, speed varies depending on the direction type, but, as a rule, the tempo is faster than in house music. Often Minimal Techno compositions are built on implicit, almost imperceptible changes in sound space. Considering the current trend of electronic music styles’ mixing and interpenetration, the “Minimal Techno” term has acquired a much wider meaning than it had in 1990.

​ We invite you to enjoy this “cosmic” music.