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Minimal techno is a genre characterized by minimalism, where the melody is accompanied by both scale atonality and simplicity. The style first appeared in Berlin in 1991. The electronic music sound notes are distinguished by pressure and intensity, turning into softness and smoothness. It is difficult to understand which instrument soloed when listening to minimal techno. On the other hand, a repetitive rhythmic melody from the cocktail of both folk and classical traditions is recognized. Minimal techno is popular with music lovers.

Minimal is a type of electronic music, the essence of which lies in the maximum sound simplicity, using some sound tools (instruments). Often only the drum machine, synthesizer and special effects are used. Great attention is given to sound processing.

​ Most often minimal means minimal techno, sometimes minimal tech house. The ultimate simplicity of the rhythm and quite specific, as a rule, synthesized sounds, as well as a wide variety of noises in small quantities, together form the techno.

​ The greatest possible simplicity of minimalism gives the style originality, as paradoxically as it sounds, which allows us to speak about this direction, from the point of view of quite interesting music.

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