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Left-field house music is one of the sub-types of house music. Its peculiarity is that the Left-field house music creators tend to ignore one of the main traditional deep-house themes, refusing either the 4/4-rhythmic structure, or the manual percussion, or the emphasis on the beat.

The Left-field house style does not have a specific sound that would somehow clearly symbolize it. It can be abstract and dirty, like Theo Parrish, whose products often keep low BPMs and samples from an indiscriminate jazz party in a constant 4/4 rhythm.

​ This style can come from House or R & B, being influenced by the Italian disco, like the duet of Metro Area, which regularly bypasses the 4/4 relentless pace. This style can be equally experimental and modern, like Herbert, whose concepts and methodologies sometimes overshadow his achievements (he experiments with everyday sounds emanating, for example, from kitchen utensils, up to the biological body functions).