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Indie-dance is a musical genre, combining elements of both rock and electronic music. Indy is short for the English word independent, which translates as “independent.” With regard to music, this is explained simply: the indie-dance style is the patrimony of independent labels and artists, being in the forefront of dance culture.

​ The melodic structure is like that of alternative or indie rock with the electronic beat, synthesizer parts and samples’ addition. So indie dance sounds. If looking wider, indie-dance can be considered a synonym for all the independent dance music, devoid of narrow boundaries of styles and trends. The main rule – dancing and absence of any restrictions.

​ Indie-dance is one of the turning points in disco development in its post-era, a mutation of style and a synonym for the not accustomed dance punk term. More precisely, dance punk is the progenitor of indie dance music, which did not disappear but evolved into a new form. Therefore, indie dance can sound quite different. On the one hand, it can be noisy, on the other – disco, glamor and lighter. There is also a middle form, the so-called psychedelic indie-dance.

Marc Houle – Demurels [IT041]

Marc Houle – Demurels Artist: Marc Houle Title: Demurels Label: Items & Things Genre: Deep House/Nu Disco Quality: 320 kbps Marc Houle – Demurels (Original Mix)


Beatport EXCLUSIVES ONLY WEEK 28 Artist: VA Title: Beatport EXCLUSIVES ONLY WEEK 28 Genre: Deep House, Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Tech House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Minimal / Deep Tech, House, Progressive House Quality: 320…

Portamento – Night Tales [NYLO135]

Portamento – Night Tales Artist: Portamento Title: Night Tales Genre: Deep House / Indie Dance / Nu Disco Label: NYLO Music Quality: 320 kbps Portamento – Just Drive (Original Mix) Portamento – Night Tales (Original Mix)

Dionigi – Distorted Sun [QND247]

Dionigi – Distorted Sun Artist: Dionigi Title: Distorted Sun Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco Label: Quantistic Division Quality: 320 kbps Dionigi – Degrader (Original Mix) Dionigi – Distorted Sun (Original Mix) Dionigi – Powerful…

Rafael Fernandez – DW008 [DW008]

Rafael Fernandez – DW008 Artist: Rafael Fernandez Title: DW008 Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco Label: Discoweey Quality: 320 kbps Rafael Fernandez – Boogie Del Mireyver (Original Mix) Rafael Fernandez – Hendersons’ Sunburst…

Echonomist – Ossain [BS002]

Echonomist – Ossain Artist: Echonomist Title: Ossain Genre: Deep House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Afro House Label: Blue Shadow Quality: 320 kbps Echonomist – Ossain (Original Mix) (7:50) Echonomist – Mary’s Blues (Original Mix)…