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House is a genre of electronic music, created by DJs in the early 1980s in Chicago. House is heavily filled with some elements of the 1970s soul genre and disco dance music style. House is created by mixing the disco genre relief drum bass and a new kind of “heavy” electronic music (bass, beats, various sound effects, etc.)

​ The classic House structure is very simple: the standard size is 4/4 and not a very fast pace (125 – 127 BPM). The second and fourth quarters usually get a solo or clap, a hat sounds for every sixteenth beat (between the bass drum). House tracks are usually filled with both bright and beautiful passages, major chords and simple, but memorable melodies. The style roots come from such music as Disco and Soul.

​ In the 90s, House music became the most relevant and fashionable, dozens of new styles were born based on it, and house songs took their leading places in the charts. House is undoubtedly the main style of the 90s.

​ Listen, download and enjoy the best house tracks!

Mirco Caruso – Rasta Rulez EP [2DROP032]

Mirco Caruso – Rasta Rulez EP Artist: Mirco Caruso Title: Rasta Rulez EP Genre: House, Tech House Label: 2Drop Records Quality: 320 kbps Mirco Caruso – Rasta Rulez (Original Mix) (6:31) Mirco Caruso – Bahia (Original Mix) (7:19)…

Timmy P – Fat Dingers [SR12928D]

Timmy P – Fat Dingers Artist: Timmy P Title: Fat Dingers Genre: House, Deep House Label: Strictly Rhythm Quality: 320 kbps Timmy P – Fat Dingers (Original Mix) (6:11) Timmy P – Guest List (Original Mix) (6:44) Timmy P –…

Traxsource Essential Soulful (03 June 2019)

Traxsource Essential Soulful (03 June 2019) Artist: VA Title: Traxsource Essential Afro House (03 June 2019) Genre: Soulful House Quality: 320 kbps Arthur Kazarian, Dope Pop – Survive (Original Mix) Carlos Budd Ford – Set the…

Valectra – Seduce Me [5HTP023]

Valectra – Seduce Me Artist: Valectra Title: Seduce Me Genre: Deep House / House Label: 5htp Records Quality: 320 kbps Valectra – Seduce Me (NsE Private Remix) Valectra – Seduce Me (Original Mix)

Ant LaRock – My Heaven [BHD187]

Ant LaRock – My Heaven Artist: Ant LaRock Title: My Heaven Genre: House Label: Blockhead Recordings Quality: 320 kbps Ant LaRock – My Heaven (Original Mix) (7:20)

Kyelah – LOW KEY [GS058]

Kyelah – LOW KEY Artist: Kyelah Title: LOW KEY Genre: Deep House / House Label: Gruv Shack Digital Quality: 320 kbps Kyelah – Dark Side of the Moon Kyelah – Park Avenue Kyelah – Weekend Forever