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Planet Caravan – Mirage [SAI016]

Planet Caravan – Mirage Artist: Planet Caravan Title: Mirage Genre: Electronica Label: Serafin Audio Imprint Quality: 320kbps Planet Caravan – Flou (Original Mix) 6:25 /112bpm/ Gmaj Planet Caravan – Flou (Timboletti Remix) 7:04…

&ME Hand In Hand

&ME Hand In Hand Artist: VA Title: &ME Hand In Hand Genre: Deep House, Melodic House & Techno, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Afro House, Electronica / Downtempo Quality: 320 kbps &ME – Fairchild Hammer – L’orange…

Eagles & Butterflies Imitations Of Life

Eagles & Butterflies Imitations Of Life Artist: VA Title: Eagles & Butterflies Imitations Of Life Genre: Tech House, House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Electronica / Downtempo Quality: 320 kbps…

Assalm – Mindset 2084 [JSTR128]

Assalm – Mindset 2084 Artist: Assalm Title: Mindset 2084 Genre: Electronica Label: JST Records Quality: 320 kbps Assalm – Frantic (Original Mix) Assalm – HRC1 Pluto (Original Mix) Assalm – Mindset 2084 (Original Mix) Assalm –…

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Downtempo is a relaxing, rather slow rhythmic pattern with a soft, warm bass. Downtempo Music is not intended for clubs. More precisely, it does not sound on the dance floor. This is both slow and relaxing music.

​ If this kind of music sounds in a club, then it’s rather chill-out. Chill out is a club “restroom”. If you are tired of deafeningly loud music, buses or trams do not yet go – it’s time to go to the chill-out Usually this special room is made in a special way. Dim lighting, the smell of Indian incense and psychedelic fluorescent pictures on the wall – these are typical chill-out attributes.

​ The Downtempo concept includes a certain style of music, serving as a general term for the electronic music direction, characterized by a slow break beat and a drawn-out bass groove. The rest of the downtempo music can be arbitrary. It can be filled with an ambient atmosphere and interspersed with some live instrumental parts (Pork Rec.). The Downtempo concept is close to the Trip-Hop style.

​ Basically, it is not very correct to call Downtempo music “dance”, but there is still no more convenient word — far from everything fits the definition of “electronic music,” and this cannot be called technical. However, we put this music on our website due to the fact it really casts a spell.