Download New Deep Tech Tracks

Deep Tech is becoming more and more popular every day and it’s not surprising, as here you can find out deep tech is intellectual music.

​ What do we see here? Deep tech has practically mixed with tech house. The bits are similar, with some beats per minute (120-122, rarely up to 125), but the beats are not accented, without a beat at 200 Hz and without a click on 5 kHz. The bass is very deep, but not as low as in prog-techno, often the bass even has a part, and it reaches “3-4” notes!

​ Now consider the “intellectuality” of this music: it lies primarily in the fact this music is not danceable, but background one, it is comfortable to sleep under it, since it does not oblige to anything.

​ Opponents will say that intelligence is in musicality … Undoubtedly, there is a “musicality” here, compared to the above-described genre representatives – chords can change from minor to major, rare synths play us a couple of notes with a range in an octave, and pads in the pits can reach 5 notes, playing in 2-3 layers, which is very intelligent for techno, but primitive for any kind of trance.

​ So download, turn on and enjoy it!