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Deep house is one of the brightest and most popular House podcasts, being distinguished by its deepest atmospheric sound. This is music for living people, as it includes elements of both JAZZ and Ambient. It is characterized by light, but at the same time deep, atmospheric sound with a minimal set of instruments, as well as the frequent overlapping of the reverberation effect and the light ambient sounds’ presence.

​ There is “music of living people, not machines”, and all because the sound includes elements of ambient music and jazz. The labels Guidance, Dessous, Plastic City had a great influence on the new musical style distribution. Initially, the direction was crowded with melodies that were built on old chord progressions.

​ Vivid style representatives were Eric Kupper, Kevin Yost, and Larry Heard.

​ This melodic music will set you on both quiet and pleasant holiday with a great company. The genre is created for relaxation.

​ Listen online or download the freshest Deep house hits free of charge. Enjoy the soft, dense and atmospheric house sound.

VA – Street Tracks: Summer Daze [WOLP002]

VA – Street Tracks: Summer Daze Artist: VA Title: Street Tracks: Summer Daze Label: W&O Street Tracks Genre: Deep House Quality: 320 kbps Frag Maddin – Blufunk (Original Mix)4:26 Pedram – Delirious (Original Mix)5:08…

SevenEver, Coffee Face – My Way [DS000048]

SevenEver, Coffee Face – My Way Artist: SevenEver, Coffee Face Title: My Way Genre: Deep House / Indie Dance / Nu Disco Label: Deep Strips Quality: 320 kbps SevenEver, Coffee Face – My Way (7even) (GR) Remix) SevenEver, Coffee…

J Lauda – Solaris – The Signal [AFDG088]

J Lauda – Solaris – The Signal Artist: J Lauda Title: Solaris – The Signal Genre: Deep House Label: Arctic Frost Digital Quality: 320 kbps J Lauda – Solaris (Original Mix) J Lauda – The Signal (Original Mix)

Fabrizio La Marca – Everybody Step [BB011]

Fabrizio La Marca – Everybody Step Artist: Fabrizio La Marca Title: Everybody Step Genre: Deep House Label: Bassline Boogie Records Quality: 320 kbps Fabrizio La Marca – Everybody Step (Original Mix) Fabrizio La Marca –…

fran&co – Progressive Affair

fran&co – Progressive Affair Artist: fran&co Title: Progressive Affair Genre: Deep House, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno Label: Mad Hatter Quality: 320 kbps fran&co – Progressive Affair (Original Mix)…

Tim Sali – Quicksand [DRM014]

Tim Sali – Quicksand Artist: Tim Sali Title: Quicksand Genre: Deep House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Melodic House & Techno Label: Druma Quality: 320 kbps Tim Sali – Quicksand (Extended Vocal Remix) 10:50 Tim Sali – Quicksand…

Move D – Building Bridges [AUSLP010D]

Move D – Building Bridges Artist: Move D Title: Building Bridges Label: Aus Music Genre: Deep House Quality: 320 kbps Move D – Cycles (Mixed) Move D;D-Man – Init (Mixed) Move D – Dots (Mixed) Magic Mountain High – Tiny…