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​ The Africa traditional rhythms’ and modern electronic music in Europe combination is an Afro House.

​ Afro House is a house version with an emphasis on African rhythms and tribal, occasionally with jazz and ethnic references. Great emphasis is placed on exotic percussion samples, a complicated or unusual rhythm section which it is programmed of.
​ The genre birth: 2000s and 2010s.

​ Despite the fact both mood and vibe of most compositions are close to house, deep house or even soulful, a darker and more synthetic version with roots in the tech house is also popular. The tracks’ tonality and tempo can vary over a wide range, but the basis will almost always be the hypnotizing and inventive rhythm.

​ It is quite difficult to trace the beginning of the style emergence. Eventually, African motifs were included in electronic dance music almost from its very beginning. The main afro-house modern popularizers are two DJs and producers: Black Coffee and Culoe De Song. Both come from South Africa with a musical background of diverse local music (dance and folk).

​ Nowadays, thematic playlists, podcasts, showcases and entire scenes at festivals are devoted to the genre.

C’buda M, Kwaito – Ewrong Iright [GSR135]

C’buda M, Kwaito – Ewrong Iright Artist: C’buda M, Kwaito Title: Ewrong Iright Genre: Afro House Label: Gentle Soul Records Quality: 320 kbps C’buda M, Kwaito – Ewrong Iright (Original Mix) C’buda M, Kwaito – Ewrong Iright…

Mr. Chillax – Manyonyoba [VR093]

Mr. Chillax – Manyonyoba Artist: Mr. Chillax Title: Manyonyoba Genre: Afro House Label: Visiomind Records Quality: 320 kbps Mr. Chillax – Manyonyoba (Original Mix) (feat DJ Mabandie)

HyperSOUL-X, Zee, DVO – Isoka Lam’ [HPSA0106]

HyperSOUL-X, Zee, DVO – Isoka Lam’ Artist: HyperSOUL-X, Zee, DVO Title: Isoka Lam’ Genre: Afro House Label: Hyper Production (SA) Quality: 320 kbps HyperSOUL-X, Zee, DVO – Isoka Lam’ (a Lieutenant-X Remix) HyperSOUL-X, Zee, DVO…

Sascha Braemer pres. Hoito Chart

Sascha Braemer pres. Hoito Chart Artist: VA Title: Sascha Braemer pres. Hoito Chart Genre: Electronica, Deep House, Melodic House & Techno, Afro House Quality: 320 kbps BOg – Brutus (Original Mix) 7:44 Glowal – Panorama…

ModAfrika – Its My Secret [ARM284]

ModAfrika – Its My Secret Artist: ModAfrika Title: Its My Secret Genre: Afro House Label: Afro Rebel Music Quality: 320 kbps ModAfrika – Its My Secret (Original Mix) 6:25 ModAfrika – Late Night Joy (Original Mix) 6:45