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May 2, 2019

Cristoff – Tetrical Move EP [TM0010]

Cristoff – Tetrical Move EP Artist: Cristoff Title: Tetrical Move EP Genre: Techno Label: Turtle Musik Quality: 320 kbps Cristoff – Appear (Original Mix) Cristoff – Polar Frezzer (Original Mix) Cristoff – Tetrical Move…

Dubstone, Samwise – Chinatown [GW021]

Dubstone, Samwise – Chinatown Artist: Dubstone, Samwise Title: Chinatown Genre: Techno Label: GuessWhat Recordings Quality: 320 kbps Dubstone, Samwise – Chinatown (Original Mix) Dubstone, Samwise – Radiance (Original Mix)

Quadrini – Bass Up [NVS088]

Quadrini – Bass Up Artist: Quadrini Title: Bass Up Genre: House Label: Norvis Music Quality: 320 kbps Quadrini – Bass Up (Original Mix) Quadrini – How We Roll (Original Mix)

Tom Zeta – Rise & Shine [ATMEP057]

Tom Zeta – Rise & Shine Artist: Tom Zeta Title: Rise & Shine Genre: Progressive House Label: Atmosphere Records Quality: 320 kbps Tom Zeta – Big Heart (Original Mix) Tom Zeta – Chef (Original Mix) Tom Zeta – Pandora…

Nhar – Wave Frames [7V066]

Nhar – Wave Frames Artist: Nhar Title: Wave Frames Genre: Melodic House & Techno Label: Seven Villas Quality: 320kbps Nhar – Emissary (Original Mix) 7:55 /120bpm/ G#maj Nhar – Wave Frames (Lord of the Isles Remix) 7:29…

A-Sim – Disaster Theory [RMCE007POINT1]

A-Sim – Disaster Theory ]RMCE007POINT1] Artist: A-Sim Title: Disaster Theory (Rawax) Label: Rawax Genre: Tech House Quality: 320 kbps A-Sim – Disaster Theory (07:00) A-Sim – Human Disease Network (06:48) A-Sim – Dub Bells…

Romerlin – WTF EP [TDG027]

Romerlin – WTF EP Artist: Romerlin Title: WTF EP Genre: Tech House Label: Tiefdruckgebeat Quality: 320 kbps Romerlin – Big Band (Original Mix) Romerlin – I’m Sorry (Original Mix) Romerlin – Sometimes I Get Angry (Original Mix)…

Joe Red – Deva [FS013]

Joe Red – Deva Artist: Joe Red Title: Deva Genre: Tech House Label: Fractured Sounds Quality: 320 kbps Joe Red – Deva (Ben Straw Remix) Joe Red – Deva (Original Mix)

Gaby M – JThe Light Of The Moon EP [MHR084]

Gaby M – JThe Light Of The Moon EP Artist: Gaby M Title: JThe Light Of The Moon EP Genre: House Label: MoodyHouse Recordings Quality: 320 kbps Gaby M – J&D (Original Mix) Gaby M – The Light of The Moon (Original Mix)