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March 11, 2019

Autotune – Inner Ways EP [AKBAL163]

Autotune – Inner Ways EP Artist: Autotune Title: Inner Ways EP Genre: Deep House Label: Akbal Music Quality: 320 kbps Autotune – Can’t U See (Original Mix) (8:24) Autotune – Way Out (Original Mix) (7:18)

CKS – Infernal Road [TDF010]

CKS - Infernal Road Artist: CKS Title: Infernal Road Genre: Techno Label: TDF Records Quality: 320 kbps CKS - Infernal Road (Ket Robinson Remix) CKS - Infernal Road (Original Mix) CKS - Sangaredi (Original Mix) CKS - Sleeping…

Shiino – READY NOW EP [PHM007]

Shiino - READY NOW EP Artist: Shiino Title: READY NOW EP Genre: Tech House Label: Proper House Music Quality: 320 kbps Shiino - Ready Now (Original Mix) 5:37 Shiino - Scream (Original Mix) 6:16

ROB PERRY – Hit The Mark [H2R003]

ROB PERRY - Hit The Mark Artist: ROB PERRY Title: Hit The Mark Genre: House Label: House to Rent Quality: 320 kbps ROB PERRY - Feel The Same Thing (Original Mix) ROB PERRY - Hit The Mark (Original Mix) ROB PERRY - Nightmare…

Rudosa – No Man’s Land EP Artist: Rudosa Title: No Man’s Land EP Genre: Techno Label: Suara Quality: 320kbps Rudosa – Deadlock (Original Mix) 7:31 /130bpm/ Gmaj Rudosa – Dreamland (Original Mix) 7:24 /132bpm/ Cmaj Rudosa – No…

Baly – Get Some [NPTN242]

Baly - Get Some Artist: Baly Title: Get Some Genre: Tech House Label: Neptuun City Quality: 320 kbps Baly - Get Some (Original Mix) Baly - How Many Times (Original Mix) Baly - Mama Afrika (Original Mix)

Th;en – Shira [ALLEY083]

Th;en - Shira Artist: Th;en Title: Shira Genre: Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House Label: Mango Alley Quality: 320 kbps Th;en – Shira (Original Mix) Th;en – Shira (Blaktone Remix) Th;en – Shira (Michael A Remix)

Dustin Holtsberry – Valkyrie EP [FORM84]

Dustin Holtsberry - Valkyrie EP Artist: Dustin Holtsberry Title: Valkyrie EP Genre: Techno Label: Form Quality: 320 kbps Dustin Holtsberry - Valkyrie (Original Mix) 7:32 Dustin Holtsberry - Poisonous (Original Mix) 5:51 Dustin…